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Rocco sigfredo

Videos Musicales Espero Disfruten Saludos

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1.-back in black - acdc http://adf.ly/1PkutR

2.-kiss - i love it loud http://adf.ly/1Pl887

3.-joan jett - i love rock n roll http://adf.ly/1Pl8Pe

4.-twisted sister - i wanna rock http://adf.ly/1Pl8ds

5.-queen - under pressure http://adf.ly/1Pl91V

6.-grease - frankie valli http://adf.ly/1Pl9II

7.-electric light orchestra - don't bring me down http://adf.ly/1Pl9am

8.-electric light orchestra - last train to london http://adf.ly/1Pl9mS

9.-blondie - heart of glass http://adf.ly/1Pl9wS

10.-rod stewart - hot leggs http://adf.ly/1PlABG

11.-eric clapton - cocaine http://adf.ly/1PlAxL

12.-rod stewart - Do you think I'm sexy http://adf.ly/1PlB7y

13.-rolling stones - emocional rescue http://adf.ly/1PlBEq

14.-rolling stones - miss you http://adf.ly/1PlBLR

15.-gary glitter - Baby please don't go http://adf.ly/1PlBb9

16.-gary glitter - angel face http://adf.ly/1PlCXZ

17.-queen - Another One Bites The Dust http://adf.ly/1PlChd

18.-Foghat - slow ride http://adf.ly/1PlCsX

19.-alice cooper - clones http://adf.ly/1PlDqX

20.-men at work - who can it be now http://adf.ly/1PlE1r

21.-the police - roxane http://adf.ly/1PlE8G

22.-dire straits - money for nothing http://adf.ly/1PlEGw

23.-gary glitter - do you want to touch me http://adf.ly/1PlEPP

24.-acdc - Dirty deeds done dirt cheap http://adf.ly/1PlEXe

25.-four tops - back to school again http://adf.ly/1PlEr7

26.-blondie - call me http://adf.ly/1PlFFT

27.-the police - Message In A Bottle http://adf.ly/1PlFMt

28.-the police - can't stand losing you http://adf.ly/1PlFWf

29.-dire straits - sultans of swing http://adf.ly/1PlFfC

30.-twisted sister - we're not gonna take it http://adf.ly/1PlFoZ

31.-gary glitter - Hello I'm Back Again http://adf.ly/1PlG3O

32.-blondie - one way or another http://adf.ly/1PlGBB

33.-zztop - la grange http://adf.ly/1PlGYL

34.-zztop - Got Me Under Pressure http://adf.ly/1PlGh1

35.-led zepellin - rock n roll http://adf.ly/1PlGyd

36.-the doors - L.A woman http://adf.ly/1PlHBZ

37.-led zepellin - Communication Breackdown http://adf.ly/1PlHLE

38.-scorpions - blackout http://adf.ly/1PlHSH

39.-ted nugent - wango tango http://adf.ly/1PlHdx

40.-deep purple - highway star http://adf.ly/1PlHsh

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Ta bueno el aporte ... pero para que pasar por adfly y esperar 5 segundos compadre ... ponga el URL de youtube en un link piola y punto socio .!!

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